If you are a newcomer to the world of online casinos

If you are a newcomer to the world of online casinos, you’re probably searching the internet for gambling tips, tricks and tactics.  Although there is plenty of advice out there, most of it focuses on basic game strategies that are mind bending in complexity, almost impossible to memorize and tricky to implement in your game plan.  Furthermore, many of the most successful lines of attack are conceived by gambling pros for conventional games of skill played in conventional brick and mortar casinos.

Counting the cards and shuffle tracking may improve the odds of winning at lavish gambling dens in Las Vegas.  Try to apply them to your gaming sessions online and they’ll make no difference at all as all online casino game results are produced by third party random number generator software!  Before you throw your hands up in despair, there are more intuitive and fun ways to preserve your bankroll and prolong your gambling sessions online. The family cat may appear to be an unlikely co-conspirator when it comes to banking real dollars playing slots, video poker, bingo, keno or roulette.  Sure, they are natural hot water bottles, radiating heat while curled up on your lap as you wager away in front of your PC.

But did you know they also exude calmness, serenity, positivity and confidence, great little attributes that are innately assimilated by those closest to the kitty cat in repose.   Transfer these positive emotions to your online game play and you’ll be better equipped to make the right kinds of decisions required to win more than you lose.  Feeling upbeat, strong and determined to beat the virtual banker?  Well, according to the law of attractions, the chances of positive gambling results are sky high… all thanks to your furry feline friend.  If you don’t share your life with a cat, viewing memes of funny cats on the internet work a treat!

Alternatively, there are fun activities that can sharpen the cognitive skills and tweak physical acuity, so that you are optimally primed and prepared for the challenge of gambling on the World Wide Web.  Finding solutions to downloadable mazes or indulging in a bit of coloring for grown ups, like this one with solution,  shortly before you activate the game engines, can fire up the synapses and flex the fingertips.  You’ll be in perfect physical and mental condition to make the correct choice as regards betting options, bonus features and what moves to make and when.  Best of all, you can try out each of our suggestions with less risk to the funds in your casino account.  Simply apply our tips one by one, visit a no deposit online casino, claim the free bonus and make a note of how much you win and how much you lose.  Whichever tactic proves to be the most financially fruitful should be the one you implement!  Then, of course, you can test out our intuitive gambling tips by enjoying top titles in the practice mode but, be warned, there is no real money in play.